Craig Groeschel: Heart Over Head

Published August 13, 2019


Leading Yourself
The following are notes from Craig Groeschel’s closing talk at #GLS19. Use them to help you apply the content you learned at the Summit.


The power of emotions in leadership.

  • As a leader, to really move you, you have to connect with your heart not just your head
  • The best leaders don’t let emotions interfere with business
  • Emotions are not only relevant but the catalyst to change and growth
  • The fastest way to change someone’s mind is to connect with their heart


Information: Here’s what I want people to know.

Action: Here’s what I want people to do.


  • Knowledge alone rarely leads to action
  • Knowledge leads to conclusions
  • Emotions lead to actions
  • Don’t change the message but the method in which we reach people


As leaders, how do we create the emotion that moves people to action?


1. Share Stories Purposefully

  • Stories stick, facts fade
  • People are processing what you say with one of two processors in their brain
    • Emotional Processor: Automatic and unconscious
    • Logical Processor: Control, conscious, functions slower and takes more focus
  • When you use a story, you connect the heart of emotions to the strength of logic igniting a powerful action


Simon Sinek quote: “People work for a what, but they’ll give their lives for a why.”



How do you do this?
Share stories purposefully.


2. Choose Words Deliberately

  • The words you choose determine the emotions people feel
  • Vision of values help drive culture that should be burned on our hearts not words on a wall
  • If your vision doesn’t inspire you, if your values don’t scare you or move you, they’re too dull, small and safe
  • The power of words, create emotions around values


3. Show Vulnerability Thoughtfully

  • You can do it irresponsibly
  • We may impress people with our strength, but we connect through our weakness
  • The moment you slow down and open up, you’re engaged on a whole new level
  • Your heart bonds and there’s a real power and connection
  • Show people what’s in your heart and what you value
  • Help people know who you are
  • Lead with vision
  • Lead with boldness
  • Lead with vulnerability


How do we do this? Instruction in Craig’s podcast episode 51 and 53.


  • Don’t feel pressured to know it all
  • People want to follow a leader who’s than one who’s always right
  • What had been stuck and stagnant came back to life
  • You’re capable, you’re called, you’re gifted, you’re a masterpiece


Do what leaders do: Step into your calling and embrace your mission.


  • Our world needs bold leaders
  • Lead with profound humility and cast a vision for a brighter future
  • Strive for excellence
  • Confront injustice and right wrongs
  • Everyone wins when the leader gets better
  • Create, inspire, innovate
  • Empower people to make a difference in the world.


You are a leader. You have influence.



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About the Author
Craig Groeschel Is one of our incredible 2020 faculty members for the The Global Leadership.

Craig Groeschel

Founder and Senior Pastor


Craig Groeschel is the founder and senior pastor of Life.Church, an innovative church meeting in multiple U.S. locations and globally online. Known for its missional approach utilizing the latest technology, Life.Church is the creator of the YouVersion Bible App—downloaded in every country worldwide. Groeschel was named in the top 10 U.S. CEO’s for small and midsize companies by Glassdoor. Traveling the world as a champion of The Global Leadership Summit, Craig Groeschel advocates to grow leaders in every sector of society. He is the host of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, the most listened to leadership podcast in the world. A New York Times best-selling author, his latest book is Dangerous Prayers.

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