Published July 22, 2020

Why We Gather For The Global Leadership Summit


Because of the GLS

At the Global Leadership Network, we believe influence is at the core of leadership—wherever you are, you have influence.

Whether you are in business, ministry, non-profit work, education, healthcare, military, government, running a household, a student or even serving time—your leadership matters now more than ever. Only you can bring your strengths, ideas and passions into a world that is hungry for positive transformation.

This is why we gather for  The Global Leadership Summit! 
Get ready to learn from some incredible leaders and influencers from various industries and backgrounds! Each guest faculty member was thoughtfully chosen to speak from their areas of expertise and experience—and truly, there is something to learn from everyone. 

What are you most hoping to get out of your experience at the Summit this year?Let us know in the comments!

My hope is that you come away from the  Summit with fresh ideas, actionable concepts and inspiring leadership principles to apply right back into your everyday life at work, home or in your community as you seek to use your influence for good.

See you at the Summit! 

About the Author
Tom De Vries is the President of the Global Leadership Network.

Tom De Vries


Global Leadership Network

Tom De Vries, President of Global Leadership Network, has been a church planter, multi-site pastor, and global movement leader. He is a 20-year attender of The Global Leadership Summit, and believes in the mission of the local church as expressed in the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, as well as an ever-increasing need for greater leadership skills for all who influence others.