Published September 20, 2017

You Don’t Need to be a Mega Church to Have a Mega Vision

Second Church in Danville, Illinois may not be considered a mega church, but it has a mega vision. Not only is the church reaching and uniting the Danville community by hosting the GLS, the church is also actively involved with a sister community in Abengourou, Ivory Coast.

In coordination with Willow Creek Association and the CMFI Mission in the Ivory Coast, a small team from Second Church sponsored the GLS for 200 people in a local hotel in Abengourou. By working alongside the local CMFI Mission, they also hosted a dental clinic and supported the leadership development of the CMFI teams through the GLS.

Take a look at this video about how the GLS is impacting both the church in Danville, and its sister community in Abengourou:

“We are committed to the work in Abengourou because it is a very effective ministry!

“We are committed to the work in Abengourou because it is a very effective ministry! I thought the GLS was a great fit for the CMFI Mission in Abengourou because of the work that was being done there to serve their community through a dental clinic, HIV treatment, church planting, evangelism and of course, leadership training and development.” – Dale DeNeal, pastor at Second Church

The GLS had a tremendous impact on the community in both Danville and Abengrourou. Pastors caught the vision, and want to do more than just grow their churches, they want to impact community development as well!

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