If You Can’t Predict The Future, Create It!

Published February 13, 2015

Entrepreneurship requires action in the face of unknowability. Len Schlesinger presents simple steps and important considerations to lead in future uncertainty.

About the Speaker(s)
Len Schlesinger

Len Schlesinger


Babson College

President of Babson College; Harvard Professor; Former Vice-Chair of Limited Brands. Boston, Massachusetts. In today’s climate of social and economic uncertainty, conventional approaches to problem-solving don’t work anymore. “The traditional way of thinking our way into acting is rendered essentially useless,” says entrepreneurial thought leader, Len Schlesinger. “Action trumps everything.” A former executive in two fortune 500 companies, Schlesinger believes that entrepreneurial activity, steeped in experiential learning, can transform the way leaders move forward in the face of unpredictability—and that entrepreneurial thinking can be codified and taught to anyone. Leaders hungry to stay ahead of the 21st century change curve are invited to unlock this entrepreneurial code for themselves and shore up their ministries or organizations for success, regardless of what the future may bring.

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